Feeling bored with the look of your phone screen just like that? For those of you who have the Samsung Galaxy S8, of course you already know how interesting the available themes on this phone.

All the features and peculiarities of their already grouped together and determine a theme, of course it will be easier for you to understand the concept of theme and realize what it means to change your current theme if you’re really going to do it. Of gazillions setting, you can personalize not only the wallpaper, it means that the image you can see on the screen, but also sound and color, as well as how your icon looks.

change themes on galaxy S8

Steps to to Change Themes on Samsung Galaxy S8

If you want to change the theme on your phone, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to a Home screen .
  2. Press the Apps icon.
  3. Select the Settings menu.
  4. Press the Personalize menu.
  5. Select the Personal tab.
  6. Select a Theme.
  7. Surf through the list of available themes and choose one of them or press the STORE button to access Samsung Theme Store and search for other themes available for download there.
  8. Under the Theme Store Samsung press downloading.
  9. Wait for the download is complete and press the Apply button to view the selected theme in action on the Galaxy S8.
  10. Wait for the device to apply the new theme to download and take you to the Home screen.